2.2.2015 - We have a new site, its still in the process of being developed, please bare with us if pages dont work .

2.2.2015 - False Industries just signed a new band A Pain Pathetic
their new album will be releases later in 2015.

2.2.2015 - In March Ran Slavin, will present Ursulimum in group show in The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Cyprus. Curator- Drorit Gur Arie

1.2.2015 - Farthest South just did a remix for Atari Teenage Riot which is out on the label Digital Hardcore.

1.2.2015 - Farthest South will be performing a special show on 28.2 at Mizkaka Jerusalem.

1.2.2015 - Yair Etziony just finished his 3rd part of his Mist in Corners trilogy
The album called Albion and it will be released later in 2015, followed by an EP with some lovely remixes.